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Charlotte's Flowers

Let's create something beautiful together!

Whether it's your wedding or a different celebratory event, flowers are integral to making it special!

My partner and I are  passionate about growing cottage garden style scented flowers with a low carbon footprint. My own passion came about as a child growing up in the Netherlands in my mother's garden where she too is a horticulturalist. I then went on to study horticulture for five years. 
Most of our flowers are grown from seed and planted out in our open beds where we have the opportunity to grow an array of flowers as we benefit from Arran's unique climate.

Our nursery is in one of the villages on Arran where my partner and I found this 2 acre plot which was initially  overgrown and inaccessible.  
With help from my family and a small team that now work with us we have a lovely cut flower farm with open beds.I have been growing flowers for the last five years on this smallholding and  provided a service on the Isle of Arran for Weddings, Celebrations such as Birthday's, Anniversaries and as well as funeral wreaths and caskets. 
Last year I began holding workshops for Wreath Making and Flower arranging are now available and these are usually held in December and March. Details are posted on my Facebook Page, Charlotte's Flowers.
Do come along they really are a lot of fun!

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